Traditional Bribri tribe creation story "Sorbon dance" and sacred cacao ceremony.
Welcome to the tribe.

Mana-Fest Mission

Mana-Fest is a gathering of souls with the intention to raise the vibration of all beings and the planet. The festival will be located on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica in the small rasta beach town Puerto Viejo. The festival venue is a colorful beachside hostel called Rocking J’s, a hidden gem covered in mosaics, art and a one of a kind massive floating Mayan pyramid. Mana-Fest festivities will include yoga, DJ's, live music performances, uplifting talks, art workshops, ecstatic dance, cacao ceremonies, meditation, sand castle building contests, hoop workshops, fire shows, sacred plant workshops, mosaic creations, body painting, permaculture, cooking demos, healing elixir and local craft beer bar, delicious food and much more. Explore your fullest potential and let’s transcend this world to a New Earth where we live in harmony and abundance with all beings, nature and spirit. Come down to a 'Pura Vida' place – First, Envision. Then, Mana-Fest.

Mana-Fest Founders

Erik Korchmaros


Erik is a passionate plant-based chef and world traveler on a mission to raise the vibration through all senses especially taste.  Veg Box is his plant-based Alternative Fast Food concept in Arizona where he grew up. ManaFest was started in 2019 on a vision to bring people together to learn, share, create, manifest and transcend this plane together into the New Earth frequency. Come share this vision in a workshop with the Caribbean breeze or break a sweat into the night with some bass. Pura Vida!

 Let's Start A Vegalution!

Rocking J's Art Hostel


Rocking Jay Korchmaros, originally from the border of USA and Mexico, came to Costa Rica over 20 years and had a vision to build an art hostel in front of a favorite local reef swimming pool. Needless to say the property was a swamp and it took Jay a third of his life savings to fill the swamp that is now the most colorful art and mosaic filled hostel in Central America. J's house is a Mayan pyramid made from shipping containers which doubles as the Temple Stage during ManaFest. RJ's is a melting pot of international rockstars, travelers and artists that come together with the right amount of bon fire and spice. Come and leave your art piece here at your home in Puerto Viejo "Walaba" Rocking J's Art Hostel

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